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We have options that your current company may not offer! 

In addition to the normal Home and Auto Policies, we also offer various types of personal & Commercial policies

*High Risk Auto Insurance

*Personal & Commercial Umbrella

*Life Insurance

*Private Events Insurance

*Boat & Yacht Insurance

*Wedding & Special Events

*New Home Construction

*Car Dealerships

*Retail Business

*Home Flip Policies

*Fine Arts

*Flood Policies

*Coastal Properties

*Professional Liability ( E & O Insurance)

*Many other options

Advance Funeral Planning Life Insurance 

Our Agency offers Funeral Pre-planning insurance policies. There are 1, 3, 5 & 10 year terms to choose from, regardless of health issue or age. Pre-need life insurance is an insurance policy whose benefits cover the cost of the funeral arrangements. It covers the cost of funeral merchandise, church services and all funeral expenses. This helps to ease the burden on your family and the funeral expenses are guaranteed at today's rate. Contact me for a free quote. This policy is based on age, not on health issues. 

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